2022 Problem 2 Evaluation

    The topic is Building Green and the booklets are due on Friday 1st July. They will be available to you online by Saturday morning, 2nd July at the latest. Evaluations will need to be completed and uploaded to our online site by Monday 25th July. This gives you three weekends.

    Due to Covid absences, for both students and coaches, there are a few schools that are struggling to get booklets in by the due date. They need a final GIPS session in the last week of term. Please indicate if you would be able to receive an extra booklet or two up until Friday July 8th. Not all booklets would be this late. One school may have their final session on Monday, another on Tuesday and so on. If you are able to take late booklets, but not up until 8th July, please indicate the latest date acceptable in the comments box.

    Remember that students will complete all six steps for Problem 2.

    Please complete the information below to indicate availability.

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    Please give your full name (some of you have the same first name) rather than your code.


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    Late Booklets

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    Sets of Booklets

    The booklets are split into sets of 6 as far as possible but this does vary depending on how many booklets are submitted for each division. Please indicate if you are prepared to evaluate extra booklets or sets.

    Please Note: If this is your first year of evaluating you would not generally be eligible to do extra booklets.

    If 'Yes' how many extra sets or booklets can you do?

    Number of extra sets

    Number of extra booklets


    Anything else you think we need to know e.g. change of address, phone number or email etc.
    Final date you could receive late booklets (if earlier than 8th July)

    Many thanks for everything you do for our programme.

    Future Problem Solving NZ