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    Stop making stuff up.
    Read the scene. It does not in fact say that. It does not even imply it. You have inferred it and the logic you’ve employed inferring it is absurd.

    Read the task. Salus is an important mission and will impact on future generations. But not if Hermes 1 doesnt even make it.
    Many UPs were bordering on off topic by disregarding the task. This stage of the year a couple got through that normally I would slam.

    Today an 85 year old may struggle on the mission. With a 110 year life span, 85 is achievable. Stop living in 2019 (or 1990 more often which is before any of the teams were alive, Im not sure how that is even possible).

    There were sprinklings of supreme creativity which hopefully is the shape of things to come….. I can but hope.

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