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    Hi all – bearing in mind always when marking Y Division that we are talking about 9 and 10 year olds for whom this will undoubtably be the hardest work they have ever done at school, here are a few thoughts from me…

    – read the future scene carefully – I know that “the future scene states” becomes boring after a while, but for new Y div teams, it will at least make sure they are quoting the FS correctly and not adding in any assumptions

    – follow the process for writing a UP step by step and make sure you have included all the necessary components

    – be creative with your thinking in solutions – don’t go with things that are already in existence – use the SCAMPER tool to generate new and interesting ideas, and go further than just thinking about new forms of technology

    Generally though – a pretty decent first effort from students who are new to the process and the level of rigour that is needed. Time to talk to each other to avoid duplicates would be great, but not always available to coaches/teachers. Looking forward to seeing how the division develops over the year.




    Thanks Greg – that’s helpful. I marked JBs and could say exactly the same thing.

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