Results For Our 2019 International Finalists.

Congratulations to all of our 2019 participants at this years International Conference. This event was held at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in Massachusetts, USA in June and was hosted by the Massachusetts affiliate.

We are so proud of all our participants for representing us so well and so very delighted with the impressive results from this year's event.


(Team Competition)

1st  - Middle Division - Education, Environmental, & Human Services -  Francis Douglas Memorial College
Bottle Boys
Harvey George, Sreeram Murugaiyen, Amos Pease, Jackson Powell and Cade Thompson
Coach: Robyn Wackrow

2nd  - Middle Division - Education, Environmental, & Human Services -  Francis Douglas Memorial College
Merry Forresters
Josiah Gillespie, Germaine Grewal, Isaac Jones, Jacob O’Connor and Jared Sampson
Coach: Robyn Wackrow

3rd  - Senior Division - Environmental & Health Concerns - 
Kerikeri High School

Tradescantia Terminators
Emilia Finer, Charlotte Gamble, Faith Hohepa, Emilie Jones, Jeany Kim and Charlie Potter
Coach: Sandra Leaming


(Team Competition)

2nd Junior Division - St. Andrew's College
Olivia Burdon, Tamaroa Connelly, Isobel Forsey and Megan Simpson
Coaches: Julie Rogers and Kelly McBride

(Individual Competition)

1st Middle Division - Burnside High School
William Wray
Coach: Sue Williams

5th Senior Division - St. Margaret's College
Hattie Compton-Moen
Coach: Sue Williams

(MAGIC Competition)

This middle division team was made up of members from the New Jersey, New Zealand, Norway and Washington affiliates.

2nd Middle Division - Westlake Girls' High School

Abigail Clements
Coaches: Steph Chambers and Kam Sadler

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(Individual Competition)

5th Senior Division - Nelson College
Ella Taylor
Coach: Sarah Watts


(Team Competition)

The junior division team was made up of members from the Michigan, Georgia, Ohio and New Zealand affiliates. The middle division team was made up of members from the Illinois, Mississippi, New Zealand and Florida affiliates.

3rd Junior Division - Cobham Intermediate
Frances Liebert
Coach: Sue Williams

3rd Middle Division - Kaipara College
Georgia Shivnan
Coach: Anna Dykgraaf


(Individual Competition)

This is the first year that New Zealand has ever won trophies in this component. Congratulations to all concerned for being our inaugural winners.

3rd Middle Division - Cashmere High
Billie Pine
Coach: Sue Williams

4th Senior Division - St. Mary's College
Emma Austin-Mannes
Coach: Monique Williams


(Team Competition)

1st Middle Division - Nelson College
Adam Barton, Jeremy Beatson, Samuel Brookes and Ben Roff
Coach: Sarah Watts


Community Problem Solving

4th  - Senior Division - Health Concerns - 
Manurewa High School

All For One Lockers Project
Ever Catapang, Shaylah Castle-Mokaraka, Faith Iosia-Robertson, Paravjot Kaur, Yashna Kumar, Nirvana Mangaaikereu, Shanelle McKinney, Gloria Tauiliili and Gemma Wu
Coach: Ambure Giborees

Global Issues Problem Solving  - Individual

6th Junior Division - Cobham Intermediate
Hugh Ryan
Coach: Sue Williams


1st Scavenger Hunt - Nelson College
John-Luca Louverdis, An Nguyen, Logan Smith, Ella Taylor and Ronan Thompson
Coach: Sarah Watts

Winner Snap Chat Design  - St. Margaret's College
The winning filter is shown on the left.

Hattie Compton-Moen
Coach: Sue Williams


5 Years Service
International Evaluator - Andrew MacDonald

20 Years Service
Administration Director - Julie Styan

Future Problem Solving NZ