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  • FPS Resources are not available on approval and are only available to registered participants in FPS
  • Who Said What and Why - Quotes about the Future is available or anyone in New Zealand to purchase.
  • All figures quoted are based on the prices for the previous year and could change without prior notice.
  • An * in front of the title indicates that this resource is recommended for new coaches.

Global Issues Problem Solving Resources

*Coaches Handbook (2018 Edition)

$50.00 plus GST

Includes sections on General Programme Information, Advice to Coaches, Step-by-step guide to FPS, Evaluation Information and a Sample Booklet. Essential for all coaches – this is your starting guide.

*Readings, Research and Resources – The 2024 Resource Manual

$60.00 plus GST

Summaries of magazine and newspaper articles on the four NZ topics for the current year. Includes questions and definitions of terms as well as a brief overview of each topic. Hundreds of hours of research at the students' fingertips. Also suitable for use as a classroom resource file. An essential resource for any team.

Topic Activity Units: For the 2024 Topics

$80.00 plus GST

Comprehensive coverage of the first four current FPS topics: E-Waste, Digital Realities, Robotic Workforce and Throw Away Society. Each topic activity unit provides lessons focusing on the FPS model, research, thinking tools, a simulation and a practice future scene.

Reading Research & Resources + Topic Activity Unit - Qualifying Problem - Antarctica

$30.00 plus GST

This resource features the topic specific chapters on Insects from the Reading, Research and Resources and the Topic Activity Units publications. It includes research, interactive digital media links, questions and answers and engaging lessons on Insects and the Problem Solving model.

Reading Research & Resources + Topic Activity Unit - National Finals - Autonomous Transportation

$30.00 plus GST

This resource features the topic specific chapters on Mining from the Reading, Research and Resources AND the Topic Activity Units publications. It includes research, interactive digital media links, questions and answers and engaging lessons on Mining and the Problem Solving model.

*2023 IC Global Issues Problem Solving Champions

$45.00 plus GST

For those who have always wanted an example of an excellent booklet – here you are! Read and review all three International first placed team and individual Global Issues Problem Solving booklets. The topic was Currency. Includes evaluator scores and comments. Please note that the evaluation scoresheet is different in layout than the New Zealand scoresheets. An ideal model for both students and teachers. Allows a coach and team to see what a champion booklet looks like as well as view evaluator scores and comments.
N.B.: New Zealand features large in this publication. Northcross Intermediate came first in both the Junior and Middle division team competition.

Global Issues Problem Solving Champions - Previous Years

$45.00 plus GST

More examples of excellent booklets from previous years are available. Listed are years in which New Zealand teams or Individuals feature.

  • 2019 - De-Extinction
    1st Middle Individual - Burnside High School - William Wray
  • 2016 - Energy of the Future
    1st Senior Individual - Cashmere High School - Hannah Hudson
  • 2012 - Pharmaceuticals
    1st Middle Team - Northcross Intermediate
    1st Middle Individual - Independent - Jessica Schofield
  • 2010 - Green Living
    1st Senior Team - Matamata College
    1st Junior Team - Cobham Intermediate

Again, this includes evaluator scores and comments.  A reminder that the evaluation scoresheet is different in layout than the New Zealand scoresheets. An ideal model for both students and teachers.

Stepping Stones to FPS

$40.00 plus GST

The basic handbook for Non-Competitive Division teams. Stepping Stones Division teams do not need to order this resource – it will be provided as part of your registration fee. Includes the three future scenes for the year, explanations and activities, the basic problem solving processes and the booklet master

Community Problem Solving Resources

Creative & Critical Thinking Tools for Community Problem Solving (CmPS)

$60.00 plus GST

This resource clarifies the steps of the problem solving process as they apply to CmPS. A variety of creative thinking tools and critical thinking tools are provided. Each of the thinking tools includes a description and directions for use as well as a completed example related to CmPS and a blank template for use with your students.

*2023 IC CmPS Champions

$45.00 plus GST

Features the 2022 Community Problem Solving Grand Champions from each division. It includes project reports, addendums, evaluations and links to media presentations.

Purchase does not permit reproduction  of any part of the book for an entire school, special programmes, school districts or school system or for commercial use. Such use is strictly prohibited.

Scenario Writing & Performance Resources

Scenario Writing & Performance Handbook

$50.00 plus GST

A manual to help teachers to effectively guide students in writing scenarios and presenting a performance. Explanations of scenario writing techniques, scenario performance techniques, information about evaluation of scenarios, suggested activities and samples of award winning student work are included.

*2021 IC Scenario Writing & Performance Champions

$45.00 plus GST

The scenario writing and scenario performance champions from each division in the 2021 Future Problem Solving Program International Conference. It also includes the future scene used for the scenario writing competition. Read and listen to the best of the performances. See and hear what makes them champions!

Digital links are checked at the time of publication to make sure they are still active. However, be aware that links may have changed by the time of purchase.

2022 International Scenario Writing Champions

$45.00 plus GST

The top three scenarios in each division in the International Scenario Writing Competition for the Future Problem Solving Program. This resource also contains evaluator scores and comments for each scenario. Read the best of the Scenarios from around the world and see what makes them champions!

This publication also includes an article on writing a quality scenario and the scenario writing scoresheet.

Curricular Resources

*TIPPS (Terrific Ideas of Practices & Procedures For Success in The Future Problem Solving Program International)

$50.00 plus GST

TIPPS was first created in 1989 to celebrate creative thinking ideas of winning FPS coaches. However, this is not a revamp. In 2008, coaches and directors from around the world contributed their ideas, strategies, and techniques so that fellow coaches may enjoy some of the successes they have experienced.

Who Said What and Why - Quotes about the Future

 - A resource for exploring the future - Robyn Boswell

$30.00 plus GST

This is a resource that provides you with twenty different strategies for using quotes with students. These are applicable to classrooms as well as to Future Problem Solving groups. These strategies are followed by 35 quotes about the future. Each quote is presented as a meme that can be projected onto an interactive whiteboard and each quote is followed by 3 or 4 provocative questions to promote thinking and discussion. Great 'starters' for a FPS session.

Please click here to see a sample strategy.
Please click here to see a sample activity.

*Future Thinking (2007 Edition)

$30.00 plus GST

As a thinking skill, thinking futuristically enhances an individual's ability to solve future oriented problems. This guide provides specific future studies techniques to help students improve their problem solving. Full of charts and graphs, this guide will help your students think about the future.

USA Resources

Please note that prices for these resources are listed in $US and you will be invoiced at the current exchange rate when you purchase one of these publications.

Coaching Trilogy for Global Issues Problem Solving

$US44.00 each or $US110 for the complete set

Developed by Wisconsin FPS Affiliate Directors, this trilogy of coaching materials provides a systematic introduction to competitive problem solving. Materials may also be used for non-competitive instruction.

  • Stepping Stones for elementary school students
  • Puzzle pieces for middle school students
  • Building Blocks for high school students

Each publication includes student materials to introduce the process, supplementary materials with examples for each step of the process and a facilitators guide with coaching suggestions for the year: Practice Problems 1 and 2, Qualifying Problem and Affiliate Bowl (National Finals).

Available as an electronic download only.

Steam Unit - Megacities


FPS STEAM curricula allows for a diversification of teaching methods and individual learning styles that encourages the educator to serve as a facilitator to learners. FPS STEAM units empower educators to meet guidelines in a variety of unique and engaging ways. Cross-curricular activities allow students to more fully engage a subject and meaningfully engage concepts and vocabulary on topics exploring science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Available in PDF download format only.

Into the Future - A Kid's Guide to the Process of Scenario Writing


This publication guides students through the Scenario Writing process. Students will explore topic selection, research, infusing futures, and the creative writing process to develop a Scenario about the future!

Available in PDF download format only.

Future Scenes Anthology  2008 - 2019


This comprehensive publication includes 84 program and practice Future Scenes from FPS topics from 2008-2019. This compilation is a great addition to your resources to give students real Future Scenes to practice and learn the FPS process. These Future Scenes may connect to classroom curriculum or provide practice material for similar upcoming FPS topics. These academic scenarios will be an excellent educational tool in any classroom, and give students a possible future to research and tackle.

Available in PDF download format only.

CmPS: A Real World Experience (Coach Handbook)


The Community Problem Solving: Real World Experience publication guides coaches and students through community projects. Activities and examples are included so that students can develop and implement real-world problem solving to impact change!
- New 2022 format and requirements
- Strategies for teaching critical & creative thinking
- Includes strategies for teambuilding and leadership development
- Comprehensive overview of FPS Community Problem Solving (CmPS)
- FPS problem-solving model, tips on teaching, and exercises for improving team performance

Available in PDF download format only.

Readings, Research and Resources – The 2024 International Conference Topic - Air Quality

$US30.00 ($NZ50.00 - No GST)

Summaries of articles which look at the current FPS International Conference topic from multiple viewpoints. Includes Quizlet based interactive terms & definitions, digital resources, its own appendix, questions for discussion, and topic descriptor.

Purchase does not permit reproduction of any part of the book for an entire school, special programs, school district or school system, or for commercial use. Such use is strictly prohibited.


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