In addition to the programme materials received when you register in FPS, we also have resources available to support your coaching.

Available free downloadable resources include a possible selection procedure that can be used to help identify students for your programme. These also include some hints on different steps in the Global Issues Problem Solving component.

The Future Problem Solving (FPS) resources available for purchase are there to help support your teaching and save you many hours of work. These are available for all four components of the FPS Programme -
> Global Issues Problem Solving (competitive and non-competitive)
> Community Problem Solving
> Scenario Writing
> Scenario Performance

The other resources available are  -
> Curricular Resources
> USA Resources

Curricular resources can be used in your general classroom teaching and have proven very useful to teachers. Terrific Ideas for practices  and procedures for success in the classroom as well as the Future Problem Solving Programme.

The USA resources include an English Language Unit and a STEAM Unit.

If you want to order any of these resources, please send an email to Julie with a list of your requirements.

Please Note:

> ALL resources are sent as pdf files and are not refundable.
> FPS Resources are not available on approval and are only available to registered participants in FPS
> Who Said What and Why - Quotes about the Future is available or anyone in New Zealand to purchase.
> All figures quoted are based on the prices for the previous year and could change without prior notice.
> An * in front of the title indicates that this resource is recommended for new coaches.

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